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Sauna & Steam Room Specialists


Sauna360 is the world's leading sauna cabin & steam room/shower supplier. Thousands of hotels and leisure clubs rely on Sauna360 for their leisure facilities, and now with our wide range of domestic home sauna cabins & steam room products you can relax with Sauna360 at home. Today Sauna360 offers a variety of products to make a domestic leisure facility a simple reality.

Sauna Cabins
Sauna360's comprehensive range of sauna cabins embraces all the styles and environments you could wish for.
Steam Rooms
Our steam room generators are packed with features to ensure the best possible steam environment.
Home Projects
We have been providing bespoke sauna, steam and infrared solutions to residential properties across the UK since 1990.
Commercial Projects
Renowned for working with some of the country’s top architects and interior designers, Sauna360 has unrivalled experience in developing spectacular wellness suites in hotels, gyms, spas.
Home Steam Room


Sauna & Steam For Your Home


The genuine Sauna360 home sauna and steam experience comes in many sizes, shapes and styles - each a singular expression of quality, expertise and design.

Traditional Finnish Sauna
With a long tradition of sauna building and thorough understanding of Finnish Sauna culture, Sauna360 offers the most complete Finnish Sauna package
Outdoor Sauna
Today you can experience all the joys of that tradition with an authentic Sauna360 outdoor sauna tailored to your precise needs.
Steam Room Generators
Drawing on 170 years of combined experience in wellness solutions, Sauna360 introduces the new AK Series Steam System.
Bespoke Installations
We design, plan and build a private sanctuary to your exact specifications. Our development process is unencumbered by the restrictions of off the shelf components.