SBM-ECO module for sauna Energy saving control units.


Features and Benefits:

The new module for EOS EmoTec, EOS EmoStyle and EOS EmoTouch 3 sauna control systems provides commercial sauna operators with a highly practical function. SBM-ECO is a power-saving mode with manual or automatic operation. Durable metal housing, flush-mounting installation. With illumination ring in green. Set includes push button with external electronic unit and connection cable.



  SBM-ECO module for sauna


  • “ECO” function is now standard on all EOS control units beginning with upper class (e.g. EmoTec, EmoStyle, EmoTouch and all their variations incl. infrared)
  • Older generation control units like EmoTec can get this function through firmware update.
  • As an option a remote push-button can be used to start/stop this function (metal piezo button with illuminated ring).
  • New controllers Compact DC/HC and D18/H18 also have this function as standard.


  • When activated the “ECO” mode will reduce the temperature dynamically to a bit above half of the value. The reduction depends on the full temperature – if it is very high (e.g. 90°C) the reduction will be rather considerable, if it is moderate (e.g. 70°C) the reduction will be more moderate. From 90°C it would go down to somewhat 60°C, from 70°C to around 50°C. • The goal is to reduce power consumption as good as it gets, but still let the sauna cabin stay warm enough.
  • So that once you return to normal mode it would heat up fast (because walls are still warm).
  • ECO can be started from the control unit or, if you have an optional button, then also using such button.
  • ECO can be stopped in the same way from the control unit or with an optional button.
  • Additionally, if needed, you can program automatic return to normal mode (up to 240 minutes). Then if you forget to stop ECO, sauna will return to normal mode after such set time. Manually you can stop earlier 
  • Remote button is illuminated – when ECO is active it glows green. Also the controller screen shows Eco symbol.