Dormy House Hotel

Sauna360 is pleased to announce the completion of the House Spa at the prestigious Dormy House development designed by award winning spa designers Sparcstudio. With it’s rural charm accompanied by lashings of Luxury, this Spa experience is guaranteed to please!




Sparcstudio’s ornate design for the Rasul has glazed candle niches set into the façade and a curvy interior with two individually heated seats. The system is fully automated to provide essence filled steam, warm radiant heat and overhead cleansing showers all programmed for the Mud ritual. The room is finished in small glass mosaics with a natural stone mosaic feature panel. The coloured lights change to compliment the various phasing of the Rasul program. The Rasul is part of a large couples suite in the Spa.



Juniper Sauna

The two glass walls of the sauna were designed by Sparcstudio to allow views of the vitality pool from within and showpiece the beautiful finishes of the sauna. The hidden heater has automatic infusion of herb essence. The wall behind the heater is dressed in Ardesia Nero black stone walling. The long wall is finished in Juniper log. The benches are of Aspen and are easily moved for cleaning. The finishes are enhanced by perimeter mounted glass fibreoptic lens with colour change and hidden LED strip lighting on the sauna benching.



Lavender Room

This special room has heated granite benches in three symmetrical alcoves lined with glass mosaic and vertical stone walling. The back wall has a large glass Lavender image backlit with fibreoptic side emitting strands. The central granite hides a Bio sauna heater with automatic infusion to the sauna stones. A bespoke central brass tray is regularly topped up with water and lavender fragrance which slowly seeps to the heater below for a relaxing warm and humid climate.




The feature shower has hidden lighting with a variety of colour change options. A choice of three shower programs provide a cool mist, Passion fruit warm aromatic shower and an invigorating Atlantic shower. A strong drench shower completes the health suite experience.



Salt Steam Room

Sparcstudio designed the salt steam room with organic curves that form four generous seating pod niches. The room is filled with aromatic steam and enhanced with a fine salt spray for inhalation. Subtle lighting enhances the opulent glass mosaic and stone feature panels. The environment is created by the Sauna360 wellness system. 



Ice Feature

A stunning copper bowl and shute collects the crushed ice on a mosaic tiled podium for cooling down after the thermal rooms. LED lighting from within the bowl and from above enhances the concept.