Hale Country Club & Spa

The Hale Country Club has a rural setting but only four miles from the hustle and bustle of Manchester airport. When the Hut Group purchased the club they looked to enhance the appearance throughout the facility. Phase two was the health suite and vitality pool in the summer of 2019.

The existing facility after seven years was starting to become an ongoing maintenance issue of mosaics falling off both thermal rooms plus equipment problems. Rooms were dark and dingy.

Sauna360 designed four new thermal rooms in the area and replaced the existing grp tiled vitality pool with a beautiful stainless steel design. The internal space was opened up with large glass frontage to all but the steam room. Two feature showers with cool mists and tropical rain were added together with an ice station.


Vitality Pool 

The stainless steel finish compliments the modern contemporary styling of the thermal rooms internally and is perfectly robust for the extremes of weather outside. The water features are of the same construction and provide relaxing water and air massage inside and out. A vanishing horizon on the outdoor pool section allows views across the countryside and an enticing glimpse for all new arrivals to the club.



Panoramic sauna

The Panoramic sauna as the name suggests looks over the vitality pool to the outside. The ceiling , walls and benching roll seamlessly from front to back creating a relaxing, comfortable space. Juniper log walls are to either side running up to two huge sauna heaters each containing 500 kilos of stone. Automatic infusion of water and fragrance is sprinkled over the stones for invigorating affect. Lighting under the bench throws shafts of light through the bench slats upon the walls and ceiling for beautiful night time effect.



Salt Sauna

The Salt sauna is hotter and dry in the traditional Finnish style which is the perfect environment to enjoy the aromas of the Himalayan Salt wall. Great for respiration and relaxation. The full height wall is backlit with 100 fibre optic strands with colour change options. Underbench heaters discretely provide the warmth throughout. LED lights provide subtle underbench lighting at low level with high level spotlights illuminating the stone wall above the heaters.




Herbal room

The Herbal room is a gentle relaxing thermal experience comprising radiant heat from the contoured bench and disguised sauna heater. Water and fragrance is infused on the stones via a copper tray to provide herbal aromas which vary with the seasons. Subtle underbench lighting provides low level lighting with a starry sky affect in the ceiling.




Aroma steam

The large steam room has two steam generators linked in tandem with the Sauna360 wellness system providing billowing steam with aroma. Benches have warm heating for added comfort. The steam outlet has an LED light behind the Sommerhuber ceramic panel to illuminate the steam as it enters the room. Ceiling spotlights reflect onto the shimmering glass mosaics on the walls.



Feature showers


The showers each have three programs of water, fragrance and light. Warm rain , cool mists and an alternating program for stimulation.




Ice feature

The ice feature is positioned between the main thermal experiences for cooling down. A light above and in the bowl illuminates the crushed ice.