Novotel Tower Bridge

Sauna360 UK is pleased to announce the completion of another professional Sauna & Steam installation for Novotel Hotels. 


In 2010 Sauna360 created a new design for Novotel sauna & steam rooms, and has since installed new rooms in several Novotel Hotels in the UK. The latest installation is at Novotel Tower Bridge, where Sauna360 removed the hotel's old rooms and built two new rooms which reflect Novotel's quality image in terms of both looks and function.



Rocher Sauna


Sauna360 designed the sauna using Red Cedar panelling laid horizontally to create a luxurious feel. The focal point of the sauna is a Helo Rocher heater, which holds an amazing 100kg of sauna rock within a stainless steel frame - this allows heat to circulate freely, making the sauna more efficient, and also allows customers to achieve high levels of humidity and therefore comfort. Wall wash colour changing lights and under bench lighting have created a room that exudes style and sophistication.



Crystal Steam


Sauna360 has created a room that is designed using large Italian porcelain tiles to form a smooth, ergonomic finish and reduce the number of joints. The extended large format backrests create added height and comfort. Mood lighting in the ceiling, benches and crystal feature adds to the overall sophisticated appearance. Seasonal changes to the essence package allows the bathers a unique experience each time