Rushton Hall Hotel & Spa

“From my first meeting with the Sauna360 sales representative, right through to the finished product, I found the Sauna360 team to be enthusiastic and excited about designing and building a Sauna that suited our needs. With professional and clear drawings showing how to utilise space, delivering a modern and inviting Sauna to be enjoyed by our customers. With aftersales support and a quality build, I would definitely recommend you to use Sauna360.”
Paul Blakemore - Spa Manager





The sauna features horizontal, contrasting timber panels to create an illusion of space within a small area. The variation in wood colour creates a feeling of warmth and opulence.





The Designer heater has a sauna stone capacity of 90 kilos which provides optimum radiant heat for the bather. With it’s dark slate feature wall to add ambiance as well as acting as a protection around the hottest area of the sauna. This beautifully crafted sauna is a perfect addition to what is already a relaxing sanctuary to unwind.