Smallshaw Spa

Located in South Yorkshire on the edge of the Peak district the spa enjoys beautiful rural surroundings. The spa is located in a converted farm building with views down to the south and fields to the north.


The spa health suite comprises an Aroma steam room, Panoramic sauna, Himalayan sauna, Herbal bath, Rasul, Feature shower and foot baths. A superb choice of thermal experiences within a relatively small space yet through clever use of glass always feeling spacious and relaxing.


Aroma steam room


Combination of large format tiles to the walls and mosaic on the contoured benches create a light, contemporary feel. The Sauna360 wellness system provides fresh air with steam and essence delivered safely into the room. The slight negative pressure retains steam within the room for maximum bather enjoyment.



Panoramic sauna


A unique sauna with a curved window internally and a large window externally through which you can see the cows grazing just outside. The sauna is lined with kelo planking with its own natural aroma from the arctic circle. The tall, round Rocher heater provides a massive 100 kilos of sauna rocks to create beautiful radiant heat for the bather to enjoy.



Herbal bath


A lovely combination of gentle heat and humidity from a Bi-O-Cube sauna heater. Theatre is added to the experience through regular sauna infusion of water and essence through a copper tray above the heater. Herbal essence is changed to suit the seasons.



Himalayan sauna


The stunning Himalayan heater has a huge stone capacity. Lots of stone is the secret of great sauna and infusion. The heater is surrounded by dark, irregular, stone walling. The sauna panels are layered horizontally to create the illusion of space within the room.





The two or three person Rasul has inclined back support in large format tiling in a contemporary style. The “mud ritual” is an automated experience to allow the special muds to enhance the skin within a pleasant steam enviroment. Gentle colour change lighting enhances the warming, humid, drying and showering phases of the program. At a simple turn of a switch the Rasul can become another steam room.



Feature shower


Three choices of program provide a warm, tropical rain with fragrance, kneipp effect side nozzles and a cold mist with icy mint for warming, water massage and cooling after the thermal experience. The programs are between 25-45 seconds for economic use of water but provide a memorable, pleasant experience.



Foot spas


The warm foot bath is an excellent preparation for a thermal experience by encouraging the circulation. The footbath is enhanced by a gentle air massage requested via a simple push button on the seat riser. Alternative warm and cold foot baths can be taken in the kneipp style for additional benefit to the bather.