Enjoy the invigorating feel that a steam bath provides. 100% constant humidity, gentle heat and comfortable interiors. That is our world of steam.


We are proud to offer world renowned Amerec steam room generators from our US factory.  Amerec steam generators have been manufactured in the USA since 1963 and here in the UK, we have supplied thousands of these steam room generators for home and commercial installations over the last 25 years. 


Steam Room/Shower Generators
Although unseen the steam generator is the heart of a Turkish Steam Bath so it’s important to use the best. Amerec has been producing generators for home and health clubs for more than 20 years.
Bespoke Steam Solutions
Finetune your life with a relaxing and completely bespoke steam room in your home. We design, plan and build your private sanctuary to your exact specifications.
Commercial Steam Solutions
We have been providing bespoke sauna, steam and infrared solutions to residential and commercial properties across the UK since 1990.
Steam Accessories
We stock many steam accessories including fibre optic lightings systems, aroma systems, essences, stereo kits, vents kits, shower seats, steam doors, steam domes, steam proof panel boards and more.
Amerec has become the leader in creating top-quality, functional and luxurious products for both home and commercial application. As the first in the industry to feature computer-controlled element switching, wireless controls and touch screen functionality, Amerec keeps innovation at the forefront. These professional steam room/shower generators have been tried and tested in both home and public environments for over 60 years and are the go-to choice for the UK market, being the only brand to offer a 5 year warranty for domestic use*.