Salt Ayre Leisure Centre

The health suite is part of a new extention to the Salt Ayre Leisure Centre on the outskirts of Lancaster. Sauna360 were given a space in the development to design a health suite comprising four thermal rooms, shower and ice feature. 


The rooms were finished with large format tiles, decorative mosaic banding and wide glass frontage for a spacious, contemporary style with excellent heat experiences. Delivered within budget and program. The centre piece is the Water Mill sauna with the water wheel invoking the old industries of the town.



Water Mill sauna


The water wheel heater brings theatre and infusion to the sauna. The water wheel rotates slowly in a counter-clockwise direction. At programmed intervals it rotates in the other direction scooping up water from the basin under the wheel and pours it directly into the cascade mounted over the heater creating a powerful and invigorating infusion effect. The sauna is panelled in horizontal boards with dark tiles behind the heater. Led lights under the bench and feature ceiling lights on the perimeter. A fire suppressant system is installed for added safety.


Aroma steam room


A combination of large format tiles with decorative mosaic bands create a light, contemporary feel. The Sauna360 wellness system provides fresh air with steam and essence delivered safely into the room. The slight negative pressure retains the steam within the room for maximum bather enjoyment. Seasonal aromas are provided for a subtly changing effect.



Salt steam


The thermal room enjoys the usual steam and essence but is further enhanced by the periodic introduction of a fine salt spray from the ceiling. The salt system is excellent for the respiratory system particularly with a mint or icy fragrance.



Herbal bath


A lovely combination of gentle heat and humidity from a Bi-O-Max sauna heater. Theatre is added to the heat experience through regular sauna infusion of water and seasonal essence onto a copper tray above the heater.


Ice feature


A decorative copper ice bowl and chute sits neatly in a mosaic tiled semi-circular recess. The ice in the bowl is lit from above and below. The ice level is automatically controlled by a sensor within the copper bowl so as to be permanently filled for the bather.